This website aims to introduce Japanese anime and manga works to an international audience in multiple languages. Furthermore, by providing information on related spots and nearby accommodations, we support smooth pilgrimage experiences for fans visiting Japan.

Overcoming Language Barriers

There are countless anime and manga works in Japan, but many of them are still not well-known overseas. One of the reasons for this is the language barrier. Therefore, our site disseminates information about Japanese anime and manga in multiple languages, hoping to reach fans worldwide. The technology of machine translation is rapidly advancing. We would be delighted if, as it continues to develop, people can overcome language barriers and discuss these works more freely.

A Wealth of Information for Visitors to Japan

This site not only introduces anime and manga works but also provides information on related spots and nearby attractions. Additionally, we plan to offer extensive transportation information as much as possible. As a result, visitors to Japan can enjoy a smooth anime and manga pilgrimage while experiencing Japan’s culture and natural environment during their trip.

Discover Your Favorites

Japanese anime and manga works are diverse, with each work having its unique charm. Through our website, find new favorite works and pilgrimage sites you would like to visit. We hope this site will help deepen your understanding and interest in Japanese culture.

※Note: We strive to ensure the information on this site is as accurate as possible. However, please understand that it may not always be the most up-to-date or completely accurate information.